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Dione Dell

21 June 2003

Trip Notes

Dione Dell at Kanangra (not far from Kanangra Walls) is more of a creek bash with abseils than a canyon, but really nice and a lot of fun. The abseils are all fairly straight forward, the highest being about 25m and the trip itself is not very long or difficult.

You can do it all without getting much more than wet feet, so it's a good winter canyon. The only compulsory wade is at the bottom of the third (and highest) abseil. It's only about knee deep as long as you don't fall in...

There are four main abseils, some of which you could descend down the middle of the waterfalls. Most if not all of them can also be avoided completely by scrambling down through the bush on the right of the creek.

The walk out starts from above Margaret Falls and is pretty easy going. Highlights along the way are Uranus Groto when you reach the cliff line of Pindari Top and some nice views from above the cliff line at the top of Wallaby Pass.

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img_0028 Dave and Sarah, below the second abseil.
img_0030 The waterfall at the second abseil.
img_0033 Another film in the making.
img_0035 Heading down the creek towards the third abseil.
img_0036 A short climb down to the third abseil (this can be climbed or abseiled).
long2 The top of the falls at the third abseil.
img_0042 placing a new sling above the third abseil.

1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-34

Text and photos by Chris Collier.

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