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Du Faur Creek

13th April 2003

Trip Notes

Du Faur Creek Canyon is a fun easy canyon, with no abseiling or difficult rock scrambling. It's fairly long and has loads of swimming, so wetsuits and li-los are recommended. This would be a great hot summers day canyon.

We started from pretty much the beginning of the canyon, though looking at the map (Mt Wilson) Du Faur Creek proper was from the log jump down, and we started in a side creek.

Joe's canyon eventually comes in on the right, and was our exit point for the day. We were all pretty frozen by then! But Du Faur creek continues down past the bottom of Bell Creek and on to the start of Wollangambe One. Again, looking at the map, Du Faur finishes at the junction of Bell Creek and it's Bell Creek that continues on to the Wollangambe start. It's all good though!

Detailed information and directions for Du Faur Creek and all the easy Mt Wilson canyons is abundant in guide books and on the internet.

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img_0023 Getting ready for another cold swim...
img_0035 Roger.

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Text and photos by Chris Collier.

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