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Blue Waterholes - Kosciusko National Park

December 2002

Trip Notes

Blue Waterholes is situated on the edge of the Cooleman Plain in the northern end of Kosciusko National Park. A great place to spend a few days camping, walking, mountain biking, caving, swimming (if you're brave), exploring and maybe climbing?

The Blue Waterholes are actually where subterranean water leaves the ground to flow on down through the spectacular Cave Creek Gorge. Upstream (southwest) from the waterholes Cave Creek is dry and rugged.

To the south is the wide open Cooleman Plain, and just northwest of the camp ground is the historic Coolamine Homestead.

The camp ground proper (with pit toilet) is on grassy flats a couple of minutes walk above the creek. We carried our gear down and camped on the side of the creek, although we were later warned by a NPWS Ranger that camping there was no longer prohibited...

There is quite a lot of water flowing down the creek, and some good swimming holes can be found, but the water is VERY COLD! One advantage of that is keeping your beers cold in the middle of summer without needing an esky.

The whole area is limestone and there are some descent sized caves. Heading up Cave Creek from the waterholes it's dry and rugged, and there are a couple of larger caves each marked with plaques at their entrances displaying maps of the caves.

Downstream in the Cave Creek Gorge there are more caves, one of which is apparently quite extensive, but I didn't get a chance to explore it myself.

The Cave Creek Gorge itself is very spectacular, looking very much like a landscape from one of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies! And the Cave Creek Falls downstream from the gorge are definitely work the walk.

Heading back out of the camp ground one or two km is the historic Coolamine Homestead which has been restored and is definitely worth a look. Can't believe I didn't get any photos of it...

A bit further back out, near where you leave the Snowy Mountains Highway at Long Plain, is Yarrangobilly Caves. I haven't visited any of the caves there but the thermal spring swimming pool is highly recommended!

During our week long stay in late December, the march flies were rampant, though not too bad at our camp next to the creek. Out on the Cooleman Plain it was a different story though. Stand still for too long and the march flies will eat you alive!

All in all we had a great week camped at Blue Waterholes and I'm looking forward to getting back to explore the caves and general area more fully.

Additional Information

The Blue Waterholes is covered on two topo maps, Rules Point and Peppercorn.

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0001 Our camp at Blue Water Holes.
0002 Someone's had a big night...
0005 Getting ready for some mtbing.
0007 Looking down on our camp from the big limestone bluff.
0008 Heading up Cave Creek (Clark Gorge I think?) towards the Cooleman and Murry caves.

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Text and photos by Chris Collier.

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