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Porters Creek Dam - Telaterang Mt - Mt Bushwalker

3 - 4 May 2003

Trip Notes

A two day overnight walk in the beautiful Budawang Wilderness.

Our route started at Porters Creek Dam and followed the cliff line above Porters and Pigeon House Creeks around to Gadara Point just south of Mt Bushwalker. Then we walked to Telaterang Mountain via Pallin Pass, before returning to Gadara Point and on to Mt Bushwalker, to finish at the Mt Bushwalker trail head and car park.

While the distance was not great and there was no major elevation change along the route, the off track scrub bashing from the dam to Gadara Point proved slow and difficult going! Several small ravines were encountered along the way, which further slowed the progress. Choosing between crossing these close the the cliff edge via deep rugged gorges or bashing further upstream through almost impenetrable scrub for a theoretically easier crossing was sort of six of one to half dozen of the other...

Saturday morning. The short car shuffle sorted, our journey began. The first leg from the dam wall to the top of the escarpment was a good introduction to what was to come... And aiming for the cliff edge in the hope of a clearer run was mostly futile, as the scrub went right to the bleeding edge!

On making first contact with the cliff edge our trip leader, Joe discovered just how close the scrub went to the edge! A bit of a helping hand to lift him back up from a small ledge and we were on our way again...

Occasionally we were blessed with some clear rock platform walking, but it never usually lasted long before we were again fighting our way through dense scrub.

After lunch our journey resumed, and the going was again slow through the thick scrub and difficult ravine crossings. Nearing the end of Saturday's daylight, we were still a fair way from Gadara Point and Telaterang, so a suitable rock platform was found on Harper Head with a perfectly sized camping cave underneath. Various gourmet meals were produced and alcohol was abused before we all retired to our comfy cave.

Sunday morning. The morning was pretty cold and overcast and a bit breezy, but we all enjoyed a relaxed breakfast with beautiful views of Telaterang and beyond.

After the camp site was returned to the undisturbed state we found it, we set off for Pallin Pass and Telaterang. The route proved a little easier than the previous day, and included crossing above the beautiful Ngaityung Falls.

At Pallin Pass, we discussed our options and decided to have an easy relaxing afternoon resting on the rock platform, eating and enjoying the views. We then left our packs for a quick walk toward Telaterang just to investigate the condition of the trail, and ended up climbing Telaterang (though not quite to the top). More stunning views were enjoyed before we turned tail and headed for Mt Bushwalker.

Arriving at Mt Bushwalker a little before sunset, and with a good trail the rest of the way back to the car, we made ourselves comfortable for the encroaching sunset. Finally aiming for the car post sunset, we found the muddy trail an enjoyable challenge in the waning light.

Back at the cars, we set off for the Nowra RSL and the $15 all you can eat buffet. Highly recommended after a weekend in the wilderness!!

Additional Information

Porters Creek Dam, Telaterang Mountain and Mt Bushwalker are located in the Budawang Range in Morton National Park, south of Sydney.

Our route was covered on the Milton and Tianjara topo maps. There is also a good sketch map of the Northern Budawang Range published by the Budawang Committee.

Detailed info on the area and walks within it can be found in Ron Doughton's book Bushwalking in the Budawangs, and the book National Parks of Southern NSW published by the NPA. There is also a book published by the Budawang Committee titled Pigeon House and Beyond, though I haven't seen it yet myself.

A quick search on will also yield a good amount of information, trip reports and photos.

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img_0006 Some shots of Porters Creek Dam early Saturday morning.
img_0013 Porters Creek Dam.
img_0023 Left to right, Joe, Craig, Sabrina, Nicky, Andrew, Chris, Clare.
img_0028 The route from Porters Creek Dam to Telaterang Mountain, was all off track, roughly following the cliff line above Poters and Pigeon House Creeks.
img_0031 Looking back towards Ngadyoo Falls below Porters Creek Dam.

1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-46

Text and photos by Chris Collier.

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