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Red Rocks - Wollemi National Park

24 - 25 May 2003

Trip Notes

This was a mostly off track, two day walk/scramble through some really rugged country with loads really challenging rock scrambling and absolutely spectacular views!

The walk started following the Little Capertee Creek up from Newnes, soon becoming seriously fun and visually awesome as we made our way up to the Red Rocks Traverse above the Capertee Valley.

A solid day of rugged walking and scrambling was celebrated with a comfortable nights camping in a sheltered camp site hidden within the rock pagodas.

The following day brought more rugged scrambling and scrub bashing, again with views to challenge the vocabulary for expression!

After lunch we descended a spectacular slot canyon, then eventually made our way back down to the valley floor to return to Newnes again via Little Capertee Creek.

Off to the pub for some dinner and a laugh and to recap some of the trip highlights on Dave's video camera. A great way to spend a weekend!

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img_0001 The rain set in as we left the cars on Saturday morning.
Left to right, Amanda, Dave N. (our trip leader), Belinda, Christian, Kristen, Dave F., Rob, Chris.
img_0003 It was looking like a wet weekend...
img_0005 ...but then it began to clear later in the morning.
img_0006 Looking out of a small canyon we explored on the way up.
long4 Looking out of a small canyon we explored on the way up.
img_0012 Inside the small canyon we explored on the way up.
img_0014 This small hole was the way up to the next level.
img_0016 packs were passed through.
img_0017 packs were passed through.

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Text and photos by Chris Collier.

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