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Camera Info.

All of the photos on this site are digital. Up until early April 2004 I used a Canon PowerShot G1, and now I've changed to a Canon IXUS 400 (aka PowerShot S400).

I fond that I rarely used the manual exposure settings on the G1, and often (especially on canyon trips) time is limited and I'm trying to grab photos as fast as possible. So I decided on the IXUS 400 as it's smaller, lighter, simpler, and faster to operate.

I miss the foldout LCD when trying to get shots from funny angles or from low to the ground, but overall I'm very happy with the IXUS and it seems to take noticeably better quality images than the 3 year old G1 (a few years of technology advancement responsible for that).


In low lighting such as in a canyon, a tripod is mandatory for decent photos. For most canyon trips and some overnight walks I take a small bendy leg tripod which is easy to carry and fast to use (I have one now with a ball joint head which is very cool!). Whenever I can though, I use a Manfroto 190 tripod with a 3D Junior head. This is a bit heavy and cumbersome to carry around, but is obviously less restrictive than the little bendy tripods.

Digital editing.

For all of the photos in the bushwalking and canyoning sections, I generally only do a very minimum of editing, if at all. Downsizing and a little sharpening, and occasionally a bit of cropping, but other than that, sometimes just a bit of Levels adjustment and/or bump up the Saturation. Adobe Photoshop is my tool of choice for all of that.


powershotg1 Canon PowerShot G1 (and mini bendy-leg tripod). What I used for all of the photos on this site up until April 2004.
ixus400 Canon IXUS 400 (PowerShot S400) and mini bendy-leg tripod with ball joint head. This camera is what I use exclusively at the moment.

Text and photos by Chris Collier.

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