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Surefire Canyon

3rd April 2004

Trip Notes

Chuckling at the often grossly over estimated times to do Surefire, Dave, Rob and myself set off from Barcoo Swamp about midday Saturday, mountain biking the first leg of the trip.

A bike ride and a bushwalk soon had us above the canyon, and looking for an alternative entry upstream of the regular way in. We eventually got in right at the top of the creek and enjoyed a beautiful walk through rainforest and ferns on our way into the canyon proper.

Once you're in, this canyon is really spectacular! Some short tricky abseils, cold wades and a short cold swim, then you're walking through a really beautiful, narrow, damp, and green canyon.

A bit further downstream of the exit, there's a nice lunch spot to sit and marvel at what a great place this is. And from here I took the opportunity to head back up the canyon for some more Surefire Canyon photos. (that bit is for the search engines...)

The exit is tricky with some short rope and tree assisted climbs, before another nice walk got us back out on the fire trail for the bike ride back to camp before dark.


Camera Info.

All photos were taken with my new Canon IXUS 400, and for canyon and low light shots I've now upgraded from a tiny little bendy leg tripod, to a slightly bigger bendy leg tripod with a ball joint head.

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img_0194 mtbing out to the canyon.
img_0196 Bikes stashed, the rest is on foot.
img_0200 Rob and Dave, setting the pace.
img_0204 Looking down on the tributary we wanted to enter.
img_0206 Is the rope long enough?...
img_0208 Getting closer.
img_0215 Entering the canyon.

1-10 | 11-20 | 21-23

Text and photos by Chris Collier.

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