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Tiger Snake Canyon

26th July 2003

Trip Notes

Snowing at the Zig Zag railway, it was a bloody cold morning! Never the less we drove out towards the Glow Worm Tunnel through pine forest white with snow, for a day of winter canyoning.

Tiger Snake Canyon is definitely one of the better dry canyons I've been through so far. It has two separate canyon sections, and while it's not very long it is quite impressive, especially the lower section.

Starting with a climb down a narrow slot, there are three abseils to come. The first can be done hand over hand with care. The second, between the two canyon sections is about 15m with an overhang. The third, into the lower section is through a narrow slot into shallow pool.

The lower section is narrow and deep with an arch and a small round chamber half way through. The first group (Bob Sault, Steve McDowell and David Noble) to discover the canyon, back in 1977 had a bit of trouble getting past an angry tiger snake in this chamber, hence the canyon's name.

The walk/scramble out is through some impressive pagodas, with some equally impressive views from the tops. A very nice canyon.

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img_0006 It was a cold start to the day...
img_0008 The entrance to the first section of Tiger Snake.
img_0009 The enterance to the first section of Tiger Snake.
img_0010 Dave F., watching Sarah climb into the first chamber below the entrance.
img_0012 Siobhan climbing into the start of the canyon.
img_0014 Looking towards the first abseil.
img_0015 Mitchell demonstrates the no harness abseiling technique...
img_0016 ...but remembering the rope burns he got last time, he reverts to hand over hand...

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Text and photos by Chris Collier.

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