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Wollemi NP canyoning

20th - 21st December 2003

Trip Notes

A small group of adventurers joined Ashley Burke for a weekend of mountain biking, bushwalking, and canyoning in Wollemi National Park the weekend before Christmas.

Camping by the cars at Barcoo Swamp for the weekend, we set off early Saturday morning on mountain bikes for a 16km ride out to a fairly remote canyon.

Leaving our bikes in the bush at the end of a rugged fire trail, we set off on foot, first to an impressive lookout over some awesome country. Then we began the rugged scramble down to the creek of which our canyon was a tributary.

The route up to the top of the canyon via a very steep rugged pass, in 30 odd degree heat, saw us all loose a few kg's I think... We were all grateful though that the forecast of very high 30's hadn't quite materialised.

The canyon was new to all of us, and although nothing spectacular it was certainly impressive, and gave good respite from the heat of the afternoon.

Some of the abseils were fairly challenging and although there were no swims, some deep pools kept us cool.

Another fairly serious scramble back up to our bikes, followed by the 16km bike ride back to camp, filled up a solid 12 hour day and left everyone pretty exhausted...

Sunday morning got us on the bikes again for a short ride followed by a longer bush bash out to a small canyon that none of us had done before. Not being very impressive by any stretch of the imagination, it was still good to get in some water on what was turning out to be a very warm Sunday.

After riding back to camp, lunching and packing up, we headed off to our final canyon for the weekend which proved a fair bit better than the previous that morning. Some water jumps and slides and some short swims, then up a steep rocky pass and back to the cars and the end of another great weekend of Blue Mountains canyoning.

Unfortunately due to the lack of any abseils to slow us down I didn't have the time to unwrap the camera and get many photos of Sunday's canyons. A waterproof camera would be a very nice addition to my toy collection I think!

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img_0003 An impressive lookout at the end of a 16km mtb ride.
img_0004 Trip leader, Ashley, planning the route ahead.
img_0005 Our first view of our Saturday canyon.
img_0007 The canyon end is left of centre and our pass up to the top is right of centre.
img_0008 Looking back up through the first constriction.
img_0009 Anna and Stacey.
img_0012 Anna at the bottom of one of the small abseils.
img_0013 A nice water slide.

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Text and photos by Chris Collier.

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