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Canyoning Trips
Claustral Canyon (Dec 04)
A stoney Newnes canyon (Sep 04)
Surefire Canyon (Apr 04)
A narrow canyon (revisited) (Apr 04)
Dargans Creek (Feb 04)
Wollemi NP canyoning (December 03)
A Watagan Mtns canyon (August 03)
Tiger Snake Canyon (July 03)
A narrow canyon (July 03)
A provocative canyon (July 03)
Canyoning near Newnes (July 03)
Dione Dell (June 03)
A Newns Plateau canyon (May 03)
Claustral Canyon (April 03)
Yileen Canyon (April 03)
Du Faur Creek (April 03)
Ranon Canyon (March 03)
Bell Creek (March 03)

Canyoning Near Sydney

On this site you'll find photos and trip notes from canyons I visit armed with my camera. But you won't find any specific direction or location information. In some cases I won't publish the names of the canyons either.

It's just my personal choice not to publish that kind of information here. Besides, other more informed people have already done it better than I could.

Sometimes when I'm planning to visit a canyon I haven't seen, I like to search the web for photos and general info. So I hope this site might prove interesting and useful to other people doing the same.

Chris Collier

Canyoning Links

David Noble's Blue Mountains Canyons page. History and nomenclature of Blue Mountains canyons, safety, canyoning ethics, photos and lots more. A great source of canyoning information from one of the most experienced canyoners around.

Dave Noble's Canyons of the Blue Mountains. The other Dave Noble. A really comprehensive guide to canyons and canyoning, photos, trip notes and more.

Tom Brennan's Canyons Near Sydney. A comprehensive bibliography (webliography) of online canyon photos and trip reports. Articles on knots, map grids and belaying. And links to some other really interesting pages.

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